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Chalene Johnson Piyo Reviews: Is It Easy to Follow?

Piyo workout is currently become the trend among people, and mostly said that it is such a hard workout but effective to burn the fat in flash. It is because the workout combined the movement from Pilates, some from dances and even martial arts.

With that combination many people mistaken that this workout will drain too much energy and will be too hard for the beginners. In fact, on the contrary, the video step contained from easy to harder, so everyone can adjust to it. Based on the Chalene Johnson Piyo Reviews, the movement will be very suitable for any ages, from the young people even to the older people. In addition, this exercise can be very suitable both for men and women.

Chalene Johnson Piyo Reviews

With the step by step guide, the workout will begin from the easiest movement to the hardest. That will make it easy to follow even for the beginner who never had moved their body. The video contained from 25 until 45 minutes, which is quite short time only to workout, but very effective to burn the fat. If you follow the workout every day, you can see the benefits in flash. Firstly you will lose wight from around 3 until 5 kilograms in a week, and then if you still continue this Piyo, you can have abs on your stomach.

In addition, based on the Chalene Johnson Piyo Reviews, Chalene gave the clear instruction to follow. Everyone will clearly know how to act and to move. The videos can be repeated again and again, and if you think that you out of breath, you can just pause it first for taking deep breath, before continue the exercise.

Don’t force yourself if you think that you can’t follow all the movement. Take a short break and drink some water before continue it again, or just stop in the minute you think you unable to proceed further.

Define the Diet Target

Define the Diet Target
Define the Diet Target

Set realistic targets before diet and during the diet. Do not be obsessed with losing weight fast. 1 kilogram a week is enough. Also set small targets such as, not eating fried foods, not eating fast food, not drinking soda but keep drinking best diet pills 2018 from

Then set optimistic thinking. In addition to setting targets, of course you have to control your mind to stretch the body. Set a positive and optimistic mind that you will be thin. Do not imagine diet-blowing foods during the diet.

After that, actively move here and there. You include a lazy person motion. With your lazy motion, of course no energy is released from the body to actively move how easy for example by walking. Instead of going anywhere using a motor vehicle, let us start walking anywhere. Do not just sit still in front of the computer. Begin to do things that seem trivial like parking a car away from the destination so have to walk first, do not use the elevator or escalator.

Then, increase drinking mineral water. Mineral water is essential for the body. Mineral water helps the body’s metabolism, improves kidney performance, removes toxins that enter the body, makes skin look soft and bright, and helps improve brain performance. In addition to these benefits, mineral water can lose weight. Before eating drink one glass of mineral water, so the portion of the meal will be reduced.

After that, remember consumption of fiber-rich foods. Foods that contain lots of fiber are peas, avocados, bananas, papaya, broccoli, cabbage, pear, corn, and brown rice. Benefits of fiber-rich foods include:

  • Helps detoxification process in the body
  • Helps to lose weight
  • Lowers high cholesterol
  • Cleaning the digestive tract
  • Protects the body from colon diseases
  • Avoid fatty deposits in blood vessels
  • Controlling blood sugar
  • Slows the absorption of glucose

Melatonin is a hormone

Melatonin is a hormone
Melatonin is a hormone

Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland in the brain to help regulate various body functions, including the sleep cycle. Melatonin production reaches the highest levels at night. Increased melatonin makes the body relax so it induces sleep. Melatonin supplements are available in drug stores and pharmacies and are often used to help people with insomnia or those who have jetlag. There are also melatonins for toddlers

  1. Changes in the Mood

Melatonin can cause mood changes such as feelings of sadness and worsening depressive symptoms.

In some cases, psychotic symptoms such as delusions, hallucinations, and paranoia are also reported.

Therefore, individuals with depressive or psychotic disorders should consult a physician before taking melatonin.

  1. Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Melatonin can lower blood pressure, increase cholesterol levels, and increase blood sugar levels in patients with type 1 diabetes.

  1. Medicine Interactions

Melatonin can interact with a number of medicine including antidepressants and antipsychotics, anti-inflammatory non-steroidal medicine (such as ibuprofen), steroid drugs, and blood-thinning medicine.

Melatonin also has the potential to interact with various substances such as alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco

5 Tips to Boost Your Concentration

tips meditation

1. Meditation

One of the easiest easy exercises to increase concentration is by meditation. Remember, the main concept in meditation is not “emptying the mind,” but “focusing on one thing”. If you can do the right meditation and make it a habit, then you will be easier to concentrate.

2. Do something on the desk, not from the bed

Especially if you do various activities that require high concentration of your home. Try to do it in the appropriate place. Do not get used to studying in bed, because it will be more stimulus that makes your concentration split. Similarly, when replying to business emails or other official things, do it on the desk

Therefore, you must ensure that the table where you are working on important things has a conducive condition. Find a comfortable chair, yet be conducive to doing serious work. Note also the problem of lighting and air circulation.

3. Develop a healthy lifestyle

As already pointed out above, concentration is closely related to blood flow to the brain. The smoother the flow of blood to the brain, the more easily we concentrate. Well, to smooth the flow of this blood, it needs a healthy lifestyle is balanced.

Be sure to sleep enough, exercise regularly, and eat nutritious foods. This is very useful in the long run, and even up to old age. People who develop a healthy lifestyle usually avoid the nature of senile and forgetful when he stepped on old age. Therefore, it is very important to keep your lifestyle still seimba4. And healthy.

4. Vacation and looking for a new atmosphere

The power of concentration can decrease quite severely if you do various things repeatedly, in a long time. For example, employ office work without getting a decent vacation time. Therefore, it is necessary time to take a vacation or leave where you can really rest and do things you like.

It is also important to not just take a vacation, but looking for a new atmosphere to refresh the mind. You can go out of town for a day or two, stay out, eat in a totally different place, and do other activities to refresh your mind. Upon your return from vacation, and your concentration and working mood will be on tit5. The highest.

5. Make your activity a habit

If you are used to doing things repeatedly, on a regular basis, over long periods of time; Then your accuracy in work or study will be higher. As a result, the power of concentration required to do the job will no longer be too high. As a result, the job will not be too tiring for your brain.

As in the English proverb that says practice makes perfect. So also with learning and work. Do it repeatedly, then over time you will get used to doing that. As a result, you will find it easier to concentrate on doing so. Good luck!

5 Tips Diet While Traveling

diet traveling

While we are on vacation we might often forget abot our diet for a while to enjoy the holidays and the food. As the result many people gain weight more than before the holiday.

Here are 5 diet tips on vacation you can do and of course you can still enjoy your vacation.

1. Be Intuitive
No doubt that the holidays are time to enjoy different foods. Most are more addictive than you normally eat. But there is no need for excessive consumption at every meal. Eat before hunger and stop eating before full.

2. Stay On
Holidays are a great time to get in practice. This not only helps you feel better, it keeps you moving more. No need to exercise to the gym. Dance at night, go for a walk, and just find a way to move your body more than usual.

3. Choose a Healthy Snack
Look for opportunities to eat more fruits and vegetables, whether it be in a hotel room or eating a buffet or a restaurant. For example, we chew apples or bananas between meals rather than choosing unhealthy snacks and disrupt the appetite of lunch and dinner.

4. Eat with Variations
The more diverse the choice of food, the more opportunities there are to improve nutrition and discover something new.

5. Enjoy Food
So when it comes to vacation, take time to eat quality food, socialize, and focus the prepared food. It is not about eating too much but about slowing down eating and watching the food consumed

Vacation is no longer a reason not to diet. By doing 5 diet tips while on vacation this weight will be more controlled and the holidays can still be enjoyed without any sense of worry body scales will jump when you return from vacation.