Small Size Tattoo Design for Artistic Purpose
Small Size Tattoo Design for Artistic Purpose

Currently tattoos have become part of the style of some people. With diverse images and amazing details, many people consider tattooing in the body as a work of art to beautify themselves. However, you do not need a big tattoo to beautify and change your body parts to be a beautiful work of art. Enough with creativity, a small size tattoo design on the fingers can already make your fingers look unique and beautiful.

Collaborated Writing

Certain writing or initial alphabetic letter is often used as small size tatto design. However, for the artistic purpose you can make collaborated writing on each finger, and turn to be sentence or word by combining you finger together. In example by painting musical note on each finger like “do” on left index finger, and “re” on right index finger, and so on.

Collaborated picture

You can make similar concept with the previous design, but using picture. In example by making such a roadmap or certain picture, which can be seen clearly when you clench you fist together. This kind of design will be very unique and attractive, as many people around you will curious on the picture of it and your tattoo will become the center of attention in no time.

Different Small Tattoo on Each Finger

This kind of small size tattoo design is very simple to apply. You can just simply draw a feature in index finger, then draw different character on the middle finger. This design is often used for those who want to have clean and simple tattoo concept. This concept also often used by those who prefer to have small size tattoo on their finger. In fact, small sized tattoo is often used as it has clean and neat look rather than with big tattoo. Most of the small tattoo used black ink especially for the simple and clean tattoo concept.