Choosing the Best Car Roof Racks for Long Distance Ride
Choosing the Best Car Roof Racks for Long Distance Ride

Car roof racks is often installed especially on big-sized car, especially for traveling to far places. People who loved to travel from a country to another by car or from city to the village, or for camping and picnic purpose, often installed this item to help them store their material in simple. Most of material made for roof rack are iron, aluminum, and even plastic. Aluminum material are often used as it is had the fair weight (not heavier like iron material), and still able to withstand any weather change condition. Before installing roof rack on your car, it is important to consider a lot of thing, and know the best material for your car.

First thing to note in choosing car roof racks is make sure that the sport track or foot for the roof rack is installed properly, and all the key are locked perfectly. The installation should be done by the expert mechanics to make the key locked tightly and doesn’t loose. Because if the key is loose, later when the car is running, then the luggage on it will be released.This is dangerous for the rider or car behind you.Choosing the material made from aluminum or plastic is suggested as it can resist on weather changes. While for iron material, even though it is stronger, but it is easily to be rusty from the sudden weather change.

For small vehicles such as sedans or small minibuses, select the oval car roof racks to match the appearance of the car’s body. After the installation done, you should also note the height of the luggage stored on the car. It should not exceed more than 100 cm and avoid storing heavy weighted items on roof racks which is installed on cheap cars. It is because the cheap car mostly had empty roof space, and also not strong enough to load heavy items.

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