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Follow the iPhone Giveaway Event from Instagram

You were wrong if you thought that many giveaway events only held on websites only. In fact, nowadays, many people also joined giveaway events on social media like Youtube and Instagram. It is including iPhone giveaway event. Usually after the new series of iPhone product launched, many Instagram celebrities held this giveaway event and offer the new series of that iPhone to win. In fact, that is one of their way to promote their account, so that they can get more followers, and had increased chance to be promoted by many business parties such as www.winiphonegiveaway.com

Well, that is not thing to concern, since as the Instagram owner you can simply follow the rule and win the iPhone giveaway event. Usually they asked you to follow them (its one of the instant way to get the abundant followers), and then you should repost the event, or to mention your friends to look at the event. One more time, it is their marketing way to gain the popularity. Sometimes this kind of event is not held by the account owner. Usually they got promoted by certain brand (like cosmetic brand, fashion, and so on) to publish the giveaway event. Then that brand will provide the prize. By all means, the Instagram account owner is just needed for the event publication.

After doing what mentioned on the rules, you should have always look at to that person’s account. Usually, the even holder announced the different rules as the time passed, so you need to carefully pay attention to it. Since there will be many people who joined the iPhone giveaway event, it is advised to follow the event as fast as possible or to be the latest person. It is because the winner is decided by the account owner. If he or she willing to scroll the comments, then they will pick the first people who followed the event. Otherwise, they will pick the latest person to post, since they lazy to scroll.

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