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Granny pods floor plans tiles

Granny pods floor plans tiles
Granny pods floor plans tiles


If the wall can be decorated with wallpaper, providing decoration on floor tiles can also be applied. Surely the Granny pods floor plans room will become more unique and interesting. Not only the provision of the type of material that is influential but the patterns used also determine the atmosphere of space. Therefore look at some examples of floor patterns that make the house more special

The pattern of the floor with a chess board shape is included quite often applied in various rooms within the house. But there is one special thing from this floor. Not just a chessboard pattern, the tile also has a transparent engraved motif. Make it more beautiful and beautiful.

Surely you do not feel strange with this wooden pattern. Texture and wooden motif is really interesting. The color is really lit and very prominent throughout the room. It is not only on the floor but also the stairs.

Dark tile accents combined with colorful tiles as in the picture also look attractive. The outdoor space does not seem flat. Cheerful and fun impression looks on the tile order like this. So the room was so not seem too formal.

Providing patterns and colors similar to the interior also makes the room look charming. Furniture on the interior and ceramic tiles are also seen mutually reinforce each other which also displaying clean and minimalist impression.

Visible to the design of this one there is a focal point on the floor arranged irregularly. The mixed colors present an oddity but at the same time uniqueness. In addition, the direction of different patterns with the pattern of the other floor which it was as if the colored tile looked like a carpet placed on a wooden floor.

Zigzag motif is also a popular motif. With a blend of two colors and two materials, the room looks more lit. Give a different color to the wall color so it is not too monotonous and also not excessive.

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