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Karton Box Documents
Karton Box Documents

We all know that all offices will have important documents and archives. However, these documents and archives relating to accounting are a bit special, so special skills are needed in the management.

Archives are often searched for archiving documents in the office. This accounting archive is an archive of money transactions (monetary). Although not all transactions recorded in the accounting form of cash, but everything will lead to money.

At least these transactions can be converted in value for money. That is, it can cause direct losses in the form of money if there are errors in its management.

The accounting records concerning rights are also the obligations of others. Almost all transactions that are recorded and reported in the accounting process, will certainly relate to the rights and obligations of others.

That is, any mistakes during the process of recording and presenting the financial statements will have a direct impact on the rights and obligations of others. Later in the event of a dispute or disagreement, this archive will serve as a way to resolve the issue.

Accounting will only recognize transactions supported by evidence. The evidence is a note, invoice, lease deed, and so forth. You need to underline, each number contained in the ‘ledger’ and ‘financial statements’ should be supported by the transaction proof file. This has a very important role during the audit process.

The taxing company has an obligation to retain the archive of the financial data used as the basic reference in the preparation of the fiscal financial statements, which are included in the annual tax return.

Of the four points above, it is very clear that the archive for the field of accounting is very important. Selling karton box archives is often sought but unfortunately, not a few staff accounting is not neat and not effective in managing the accounting archives even look like a ship broke.