Let’s start from its core philosophy. This statement will serve as the motivation behind your android games cheat creation. This statement is simple and direct describes what the core of your game is. Look back on this statement to make sure that your game still leads to its basic purpose. Here are some examples of core philosophy:

  • This game is an economic simulation of the space station.
  • This game lets you play as a live car.
  • This game tests the player’s reflexes

Write down its features.

In-game features are what make your game different from other games of the same genre. Start by writing down your ideas and concepts. Then change the concept into action-based sentences. Try to create five to 15 features. For example:

  • Concept: Space station construction.
  • Features: Build and manage your personal space station.
  • Concept: Damage from asteroids.
  • Features: Strive for as long as from harmful objects such as asteroids, sparks from the sun, and comets.

Writing your features from scratch allows you to form features one by one in the design document. This will also make your project more focused and prevent the idea from continuing to grow in the midst of the development process.

Keep revising this feature until you are satisfied and sure all the features can represent the game you want to create.

Take a break.

Put this design in the drawer and try not to think about it for a week or two. You want to get back to looking at the original design with a fresh perspective to help determine if this project is really worth doing or maybe you need to revise or re-create the original design.

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